Book Banning: Lockdown on Learning, Nov. 17

Book Banning: Lockdown on Learning, Nov. 17

“If a public school were to remove every book because it contains one word deemed objectionable to some parent, then there would be no books at all in our public libraries.”

—Peter Scheer, former executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Nov. 1, 2022) — Learn how access to information guaranteed by the First Amendment is at stake in a webinar about Book Banning on November 17, 2022 at 4 p.m.  Speakers will discuss how book banning has become rampant across our country and libraries and their librarians are being threatened.

Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director of the American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom, will provide a national view of the book challenges that are happening in school and public libraries and strategies to address those challenges.

Mickey Huff, director of Project Censored and Diablo Valley College professor, will review our First Amendment rights, the current challenges and threats our country is experiencing and what citizens can do to protect those rights.

Cindy Chadwick, Alameda County Librarian, will discuss a recent incident at the San Lorenzo Branch Library Drag Queen Story time and how the Library has responded.

Alison McKee, Contra Costa County Librarian, will discuss how the library and community are responding to protests at a Drag Queen Story time at the local Lafayette Library.

Susan Hildreth, LWVDV, former San Francisco Public Library Director and California State Librarian and member of the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley will moderate the panel.

Register for this event on the Contra Costa County Library website or at the League of Women Voters Diablo Valley website

Information on how to access the Zoom webinar will be sent to your email address 24 hours before the program. Audience questions will be collected and answered through the Zoom chat.

The event is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley and of West Contra Costa County; the Contra Costa County Library; and CCTV. Contact for more information.

The program will be recorded and posted on the following sites after the meeting: