Showing your true face – and seeing beyond others’ masks

CONCORD, CA (Oct. 31, 2022) — This time of year, I think about how important Halloween was to me growing up.

It was the High Holy Day – when one could wear their true face without terrible fear of condemnation, ridicule and harm.

I am transgender. I am queer. I am other.

When we think of showing one’s true face as a trans person, we often think in the gender binary or the gender nonbinary. I am none and all. I am trans masculine of center, an individual with a radical identity, gender queer with a non-mainstream presentation. To know me, though, one must ask. Asking is important.


Today, we seek self-awareness based upon honoring the true self. Radical inclusivity and unity through the diversity of all bodies and all genders, embracing being exactly who we are in that moment, communicating with the utmost transparency.

Some of you may be asking: Who am I? How do I identify? I am different, but how do I share that truth?

Some of you embrace the gender binary and some embrace the gender nonbinary. Some explore pronouns beyond they, he and she. A few may be embracing a different language where you are using descriptors outside of gender. Perhaps you knew when you were young that the words did not fit nor embrace you. Are you radically queer?

Embrace the language of self and the freedom to explore who you are and manifest as much of your true face as you wish in the real world. This is your history.

Happy Halloween, and may your true face shine.

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Kadeth Pozzesi

Kadeth (he/him/sir) is an elder queer, artist, sorcerer, warrior poet, musician, therapist. You can find him in the world and at Rainbow, serving as a clinician. “I am everything and nothing and everything in between.”