Veterans deserve more than one day

Veteran’s deserve more than just one day

Veterans deserve more than just one dayVeteran’s Day is an occasion to celebrate and thank military personnel for all of their hard, dangerous and unforgettable work to protect our country. On average, about two military members die trying to save another’s life every day.

When I see a member of the Armed Forces in uniform, I say to myself, “Wow! I actually get to see someone who is making a difference in the world.” I am joyful to see that they are back home, safe and with their loved ones. I feel proud to know that I could meet someone who would give up their life so I could live a better one.

The question is, do we thank and celebrate the veterans and soldiers enough for all they have done for our country?

As someone who comes from a long line of military personnel, I am always excited and proud when I see someone of the Armed Forces and I believe that we need to do more to thank war veterans. We should be taught more about Veterans’ Day in school; perhaps have soldiers come and talk about what it is like to go into war. We should also have a place where veterans can come and talk each other and the rest of us about their war experience. As a community, we should have fundraisers each year to raise money for soldiers’ families who deal with their death or for those who come home with injuries or disorders from war, such as PTSD.

Veterans should be recognized more than they are. We should recognize them every day instead of giving them only one day a year.

Still, Veterans’ Day is a day to recognize American soldiers who have gone to war to fight for our freedom. When you see a member of the Armed Forces thank them for every day they spent risking their lives for us. We cannot forget what they sacrificed and they should not have to sacrifice anything more when they get home.

So, on Nov. 11, be thinking about what all members of the United States Armed Forces are doing for you and our country. I know I will be.

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