From the Desk of Bryan Hill, Pleasant Hill Police Chief

Tips to help keep your holidays safe

Tips to help keep your holidays safe
Downtown Pleasant Hill (Photo by Pete Cruz)

From the Desk of Bryan Hill, Pleasant Hill Police ChiefPLEASANT HILL, CA (Dec. 17, 2021) — This time of year is filled with celebration and giving, but unfortunately crime does not take a break around the holidays.

We at the Pleasant Hill Police Department would like to help keep this holiday season joyful with some simple safety tips.

While out and about, park in well-lit areas and keep valuables out of sight. Visible items inside cars can be enticing to thieves. And while inside shopping, keep your purse and wallet on you, rather than in the shopping cart. It only takes a second for someone to snatch a purse out of a cart.

Porch pirating is a big problem year-round, but this shopping season causes this issue to spike. If you are shopping online, arrange delivery for when you will be home. Or ask for a store pickup, an Amazon locker delivery or an alternate delivery location.

After all the gifts are opened, break down boxes and stow them in the recycling bin. Empty boxes on the curb are an advertisement of all the new gifts inside the home.

Holiday travel is back up this year. If you plan to go out of town, make sure to lock your house up tight and let a friend or neighbor know when you will be gone. Likewise, look out for your neighbors’ homes if they are away.

Lastly, celebrate responsibly. DUI arrests and accidents rise around the holidays. Nothing is worth risking your life or the lives of others. If you plan to drink, arrange for a ride home.

Taking a few simple steps to protect yourself can help ensure that you get through the holidays without a hitch. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

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