Stay at home and catch up on shows like ‘Invincible,’ ‘Shogun’

Hiroyuki Sanada as Yoshii Toranaga and Anna Sawai as Toda Mariko in the FX series, Shōgun. (FX/Hulu)

Jeff Mellinger Screen Shots(Apr. 14, 2024) — Post-Oscars, there was nothing I wanted to see in the theater other than “Dune: Part Two” in IMAX. So I’m going to round up the TV shows I was able to watch instead.

“Invincible” (Amazon). Season 2 debuted in the fall with four episodes, then dropped the final four episodes last month. Season 1 was stunning, and season 2 does not disappoint. Mark Grayson (Invincible) is in college now and having to deal with the fallout of the actions of his father, former Earth-protector Omni-Man. Taken from the comics by “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, the animation is top notch. The voice acting is littered with high-profile names who do a stellar job. The pathos hits as hard as the action in this show.

“Gen V” (Amazon). While we wait for season 4 of “The Boys,” “Gen V” is a nice interlude that focuses on superhuman college students at a special school. It has all the gore, humor and nudity of its parent show. It also has teens that are not annoying and cliched. Sadly, main actor Chance Perdomo was recently killed in a motorcycle accident so no telling if and when a season 2 of “Gen V” will occur.

“Walking Dead: Ones Who Live” (AMC). The long wait to find out what happened to Rick and Michonne is over. These six episodes wrap everything in too nice a bow, but the journey to get there is mostly exciting.


‘Best thing on TV’

“Shogun” (FX/Hulu). I’m halfway through, and “Shogun” is the best thing on TV. It is riveting, dramatic and action-packed. The characters are exquisitely fleshed-out and superbly acted. Hiroyuki Sanada never disappoints. He plays an ostracized lord during 16th century Japan’s post-shogun period. He encounters a wayward Englishman (Cosmo Jarvis) with whom he joins forces to protect the land from the other scheming lords. You will not see a more beautifully shot and designed show on television.

“The Good Doctor” (ABC). If I am going to commit to a medical drama, it cannot be a soap opera in disguise. I love “House,” “Gideon’s Crossing” and this show because they are character-focused. “The Good Doctor” is in its final half-season and well worth catching up on.

“911” (ABC). This one used to be on Fox, but ABC bought it in a rare move. Are its situations outlandish and non-sensical? Yep. Once again, the characters are the focus. The firefighters and police on “911” are engaging and personable to watch.

“Star Trek: Lower Decks” (Paramount+). If you watch a lot of “Star Trek” shows, the humor may pass you by. This show takes everything great about the other shows and adds heavy doses of comedy. Sharply written and voice-acted, “Lower Decks” makes me laugh out loud several times an episode.

Upcoming shows

“Fallout” ( Amazon). I never played any of the video games this is based on, but the show looks like it shares a lot in common with last year’s excellent “Twisted Metal” adaptation.

“The Jinx: Part 2” (MAX). After suspected murdered Robert Durst literally implicated himself on camera in Part 1, it stood to reason there would not need to be a Part 2. Durst died two years ago, so it will be interesting what content is included in Part 2.

“Under the Bridge” (Hulu), “3 Body Problem” (Netflix), “Long Shadow” (Sundance Now) and “Manhunt” (Apple+) are a few more I hope to have time to watch.

Jeff Mellinger

Jeff Mellinger is a screen writer and film buff. He holds a BA in Film Studies and an MFA in film production. He lives in Concord.