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Pulse of Concord — Seeking guidance from the man in the red suit

Pulse of ConcordDear Santa:

For the last 10 years on the Concord City Council, I have written to you to applaud your kind efforts in our community. In review, there appears to be a few items that are still in need of some of your divine magic attention.

We have the added bathrooms, well, porta-potties at least, by Todos Santos; the white picket fence still attracts cars, but the rate has fallen to one every six months rather than one every three months; Meadow Homes has a great play structure; we are redoing the streets; we have a new bocce ball free court and a few other things from our prior lists.

I know that this has been a rough year, but nothing like 2020 – where you came through fantastically as one of the few good things. However, here is a current list and we would appreciate some help:

1. A spirit of compassion to get the homeless off the streets and to have their broken spirits healed so that they can accept and start on a new path.

2. Solutions for those who are struggling economically.

3. A directly elected mayor.

4. Affordable housing scattered through the city.

5. Remind people that we should be indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

6. Stop the hatred of families and within families.

7. Reasonable rains that do not cause floods.

8. Get Sacramento to stop making laws that do not apply to them – only to cities.

9. We need BART to run from Concord to San Ramon (even through Walnut Creek) and maybe from Antioch to Brentwood and then down to San Ramon.

10. Bring back exile for repeat criminals until we actually have an anti-recidivism system that works. (Maybe send them to Texas?)

11 A theater and arts center in Todos Santos would be great.

12. Something that rhymes with orange.

13. The 49er winning the Super Bowl.

14. Finally, may the hope of forgiveness and action in redemption be the best gifts for all to make all things right.

Thanks, Edi

Dear Edi:
Remember that in some cases, no is also an answer.
Santa Claus

This brought to you either by some weird TV wannabe called the Net (with no real physical strings) or through that wonderful medium of paper that is used to line bird cages and assorted other useful things. No elves or reindeer were harmed in the production of this and all is blamed (as usual) on EdiBirsan@gmail.com. Please take the survey at www.PulseOfConcord.com.