Miller calls out desperate attack

Miller calls out desperate attack

Ed Miller

CLAYTON, CA (Oct. 19, 2022) — Today, flyers with very disturbing and factually incorrect allegations about me were distributed by members of ClaytonWatch/SaveClayton, an unregistered political action committee well-known for promoting this sort of rancor and who are supporting the Wan/Trupiano ticket.

Not only do I deny every one of their allegations, they are all easily refuted by public sources. Clearly the campaigns they are trying to prop up are in crisis — finding themselves unable to stand on their own proposals — and instead of changing direction to match what voters want, they are mounting a last-ditch effort to tear down the competition, to salvage any hope of electing their candidates.

They are counting on you to read what’s on your doorstep and accept it at face value without verification, because the instant you start to poke at them, they quickly crumble. For example, they allege that I violated California open meetings laws or that I don’t understand them. They take issue with my decision regarding the Olivia extension because I considered written advice from the City Attorney that was not in the public record. But as they wrote this, they knew full well that written advice received from an attorney is privileged and not subject to the Brown Act, yet they made the allegation anyway. Furthermore, a planning commissioner they supported for city council actually insisted on discussing the most sensitive subjects from that confidential advice in the hearing, despite admonitions from the City Attorney that they should be discussed in closed session.  So it wasn’t even accurate for ClaytonWatch to say that the information wasn’t in the public record. (watch at time index 34m 30s in this meeting) You’ll find that every other point on their flyer withers immediately under even casual scrutiny.

I decided to run for a seat on the City Council to eliminate this kind of inauthentic behavior and lack of transparency, and to provide an independent voice that voters can trust to be fair on every issue. That is what garnered me the faith and endorsement of so many prior Clayton mayors and planning commission chairpersons spanning the entire political spectrum.  Don’t allow disinformation by shadowy pseudo-political organizations to cheat you and your fellow citizens out of fair representation.

I call for the Wan/Trupiano ticket to repudiate this group and the misinformation they are circulating.

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