Clayton City Council elections — Billeter bites back

Bridget Billeter
Clayton City Council candidate Bridget Billeter.

CLAYTON, CA (Oct. 19, 2022) — A group called “Clayton Watch” is distributing flyers attacking me, listing “allegations” in a complaint filed against me in 2015.

First, the unfounded allegations were made by the-then Executive Director of CVCHS, David Linzey, because I was expressing concern about the use of money at Clayton Valley.  And as it turns out, I was right to be concerned about Dave Linzey’s misuse of funds.  I will bring my same strong instincts and oversight to the city budget and look out for YOU.

Additionally, anyone can make any allegations they want; it doesn’t mean they are true.  Mr. Linzey simply made the allegations (using your tax money) and did not pursue the matter further; I am still at the same job and have received multiple awards in the years since 2015.

I have not made any personal attacks on any candidate during this campaign.  It’s disappointing that some supporters of Jeff Wan and Kim Trupiano would resort to this kind of division.  Apparently, they don’t believe their candidates can compete with me on their own merit.  I trust the Clayton residents to look beyond the negativity and vote for someone who truly cares about this community.

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