March 27 Town Hall Meeting Addresses Housing

CONCORD, CA (Mar. 26, 2022) — The City’s Planning team is hosting another Town Hall meeting this Sunday, March 27 to inform, discuss, and seek feedback from the community on the City’s housing needs and potential future programs to include in the Housing Element.

The Housing Element is a State-mandated plan for addressing the City’s anticipated housing needs from 2023 through 2031. It is the primary document the City uses to plan for its current and future housing needs. It contains goals, policies and programs to provide adequate housing for all economic segments of the community.

It also shows how the City plans to meet its State-mandated housing production target of 5,073 units by the year 2031. Regular updates are required by State law and help ensure the City’s housing policies are working for all community members.

Community members can learn more about the Housing Element Update, have conversations with the project team, provide input and feedback to help the City Council make well-informed decisions, and find out how to participate as the update continues. Spanish translation will be provided.


Sunday, March 27, 2022
12 – 2 p.m.
Todos Santos Plaza
2175 Willow Pass Rd.

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