Concord Police use drone to locate missing boy using

Concord Police use drone to locate missing boy

Concord Police use drone to locate missing boy using
Concord Police drone operator successfully located a missing child in the Meadow Homes neighborhood on Saturday night. (Photos courtesy Concord Police Department)

CONCORD, CA (Mar. 27, 2022) — On Saturday evening, Concord Police Department responded to a report of a missing 6 year old juvenile. The autistic child ran away from his house in the area of Meadow Lane and Monument Blvd.

After checking the area, his mother called Concord Police for assistance. The mother reported that she last saw the non-verbal boy wearing a yellow shirt with a blue smiley face on it.

Concord P.D. sent multiple Officers to the scene who began an intensive search for the juvenile. Pittsburg police sent one of their K9 handlers and K9 partner to assist in the search.

One of Concord’s Overlap shifts drone-certified operators deployed his drone and began a grid search for the juvenile. During this time, multiple other Concord Police Officers from various districts and units responded to the area. In addition, officer made a request for the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team to assist.

Eye in the sky

After approximately 20 minutes, the drone operator spotted the juvenile in an adjacent apartment complex. Officers drving by could not see into this area in the quad of the apartment complex from the street.

The drone operator notified surrounding CPD Officers who responded and located the juvenile, unharmed.

In a statement posted on Instagram after the event, Concord PD said, “The Concord Police Department would like to extend our thanks to the Citizens of our community as well as the Concord City Council for their support and providing the tools to do our jobs. This instance not only allowed us to quickly and safely locate the missing juvenile, but it conserved resources as well as ensuring those resources we were using could be promptly returned to serve the rest of the Community”

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