Letters to the Editor—Time to be neighborly again

Letters to the Editor—Time to be neighborly again

CLAYTON, CA—In the spirit of the season, I’m just so grateful that the citizens of Clayton finally had the opportunity to speak our voices. I am also truly thankful that this process is all over.

On the Saturday before the election, as one group of candidates occupied one part of the Grove while another group of candidates rolled around in a fire truck with a siren and a megaphone, I was just struck by the giant empty space in the middle of the Grove. You know … that space where we all dance at our concerts, where kids run around and hold hands with the statue, where people meet up to play chess, read books and socialize with their neighbors.

Now that we’ve spent so many months tearing each other down online and not at all acting in a neighborly fashion, maybe we can get back to “Doing the Right Thing” – working together, acting neighborly and filling that empty space in the Grove again.

—Scott Denslow, Clayton

Affordable Housing in Clayton

I have lived in Clayton for 32 years, before Oakhurst, Stranahan, Diablo View, Diamond Terrace and many other projects were built. Each of these developments changed our little town. With Oakhurst the roads through Clayton were changed and our population almost doubled. Stranahan was built as “affordable” housing and was more dense than other Clayton developments at the time.

The Olivia project will bring affordable housing to families that otherwise could not live in Clayton. Due to the negativity, lawsuits, and elitism over the Olivia project I have become a proponent. It is very discriminatory to block those who cannot afford a three-quarter to million-dollar house from living here. They deserve to share our great quality of life.

Those who oppose change and want to “keep Clayton as it is” should move to a gated or planned community. It is unrealistic to expect a town not to change. To those that are in favor of a less dense project, higher cost housing, shame on you.

—L. Turner, Clayton

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