Letter to the Editor — Supporting rental ­discount for CBCA

CLAYTON, CA (Mar. 18, 2023) — Editor’s note: Roxanne Pardi, managing director of the Clayton Theatre Company (CTC), sent this letter to the Clayton City Council. It has been edited to fit our format.

On behalf of CTC, I want to thank the City Council for approving the 80% discount of the non-profit rate for the rental fees of Endeavor Hall that has been in the Master Use Agreement with the city since we began CTC in 2012. We would not be able to continue without this discount.

I try to stay out of politics, but I’m going to express my thoughts regarding the Clayton Business & Community Association (CBCA) possibly receiving only a 50% discount on the Clayton non-profit rate vs. the 80% discount granted to all Clayton non-profits that fall under the $150+K threshold.

CBCA should continue to receive the 80% discount. All the money raised goes back into our community. Since 1984, the group has donated more than a million dollars to schools, college scholarships, team sports, the library, CTC … too many to name.

I’m asking on behalf of CBCA and the citizens of Clayton for the City Council to do the right thing and keep CBCA at the 80% discount of the rental rate.

Roxanne Pardi
Clayton Resident

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