Letter to the Editor: Don’t dismiss grand jury report on naval weapons station

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Aug. 18, 2023) — Why do we care about a Contra Costa Civil Grand Jury report on the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) project that includes a $14.06 million taxpayer question? Why do we care: the Concord community and businesses, our BART ridership (242,680), Highway 4 commuters, families with children in school, environmental organizations, those who need affordable housing, and water and electricity users?

We care about the $14.06 million that is a city loan without specific accountability. How was it spent on the project and how will it be repaid?

We care because decisions were made without the Concord City Council following their own procedures to gain detailed information for each developer and their financial capability for high-cost startup procedures.

We don’t want a third time like this. CNWS is such an important opportunity that we must get this right for all of us. Read the Concord Naval Weapons Station Grand Jury Report: A Promise Unfulfilled.

Ask the Concord City Council members to follow the grand jury recommendations and request a financial audit.
Suzan Requa

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