Hit and run suspected in Pittsburg teen’s death

Hit and run suspected in Pittsburg teen’s death

Damond Lazenby Jr.

CONCORD, CA (Jan. 18, 2023) — An apparent hit and run-on January 7 is now the focus in the death of a missing 19-year-old Pittsburg man who was discovered down an embankment along Highway 4.

The California Highway Patrol Golden Gate Division announced January 16 that Damond Lazenby Jr., 19, was apparently struck by the right front portion of a vehicle, and the driver fled the scene. The vehicle is possibly a dark color sedan.

An intense hunt, led by the Concord Police Department and teen’s family with the assistance of other law enforcement and emergency agencies, ensued January 1 for his whereabouts after his abandoned car was found with a flat tire along Port Chicago Highway.

While some headway is being made, a mystery continues to swirl around the case as the deceased’s family seeks closure or answers to its suspicions. Did the teen walk from where he appeared to have car troubles to Highway 4 in hopes of flagging down assistance from a passing motorist?

The family’s suspicions that something was amiss were sparked by the suggestions that Lazenby’s disable vehicle was running and his clothing were reportedly found near the vehicle. Whether his vehicle was running at the time or suggestion of discarded clothing belonging to the teen have not yet been confirmed.

Both the CHP and the Contra Costa Coroner’s Office declined to say if the teen’s clothes were clean or dry when he was discovered, or if the fatal injuries suffered occurred from being struck head on or from behind.

The area along Highway 4 where Lazenby’s body was found January 7 reportedly had been searched numerous times over multiple occasions by family and law enforcement.

Anyone with information regarding the driver or suspect vehicle that struck Lazenby is encouraged to call the CHP Investigation Tipline at (707) 917-4491.