Get $1200 to scrap old cars from Bay Area Air Quality District program

Bay Area Air District buyback program offers $1200 to scrap old cars
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SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA (Sept 27, 2021) — The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is announcing incentives of $1,200 through the Vehicle Buy Back Program for Bay Area residents to scrap 1997 and older vehicles to improve local air quality.

The Vehicle Buy Back Program pays owners of older, more polluting cars and small trucks to voluntarily retire their vehicles. Older vehicles lack modern emission control technology and pollute at a higher rate than newer models.

Eligibility requirements for the Vehicle Buy Back Program:

  • 1997 model year or older
  • Currently registered as operable and must be drivable
  • Must have been registered in the Bay Area for the past 24 months
  • Vehicles within 60 days of a required smog check must take and pass smog check

The program reduces air pollutants from vehicle exhaust including fine particles and ozone precursors, the main ingredients in smog. These pollutants contribute to respiratory diseases and increased mortality rates. Retiring older vehicles also reduces carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

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