Emergency rental, utility assistance available in Concord

Emergency rental, utility assistance available in Concord

CONCORD, CA—In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Concord has partnered with Concord-based Shelter, Inc., for emergency rental and utility assistance for its low income tenants.

Concord allocated $378,780 in Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus funds and $375,000 in Coronavirus Relief Funds for a total of $753,780 to support low-income renter households affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These funds are available to assist low-income households who are unable to pay rent or utility bills due to a reduction of work hours, furloughs, unemployment, and/or diagnosis with COVID-19. But preference will be given to families with children and seniors. However, documentation that the inability to pay rent is directly related to COVID-19 must be provided. Tenants can receive up to three months of assistance with the depth of assistance based on need.

Wondering how to participate in this program? Call Shelter, Inc., to find out more and see if you qualify to receive assistance: (925) 338-1038.

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