Concord school moves arts competition online, names winners

First place winners photo gallery above.

Although Clayton Valley Charter High School’s annual Art Expo was interrupted this year by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Visual and Performing Arts Department teachers decided the “show must go on.”

So they photographed all 350 submissions, built a website that featured all the entries and selected the winners.

Art Department chair Katie Nolan and the teachers “took the bull by the horns,” even though the awards ceremony was canceled. Joan D’Onofrio of the Michelangelo D’Onofrio Arts Foundation and president Julia Dawson of the Clayton Valley/Concord Rotary Club sponsored the competition and provided prizes.

The sponsors awarded a $500 scholarship to Jerome Faustino, who will be attending the University of San Francisco and major in art and architecture.

First place video: Andrei Gesmunco

The winners

First place: Nia Williams, Richard Renwick, Zoe Hope Zacharakis, Marisela Cerda, Andrei Gesmundo and Francisco Nguyen.

Second place: Emma Cuddy, Fallon Garrett, Jessica Ogu, Pannam Dhoat, Jacob Florentes and Sanaa Jamshed.

Third place: Thomas Cook, Devon Hughes, Jerome Faustino, Fallon Garrett, Rohan Mathew and Allison Olk.

Honorable mention: Hailey Morgan, Sina Salerno, Shea Gallagher, Jules Della-Santina, Emily Cable, Savannah Galvond, Keilee Tizon and Orlando Vides.

View the virtual Art Expo at