Clayton Police report for the month of May 2021

The dates shown below indicate when the Clayton Police Department received the incident report.


May 18, Kirker Pass Rd.  No Injuries.




May 9, Clayton Rd./Lydia Ln. A 24-year-old Pittsburg male was arrested for DUI: Alcohol after officers responded to a call for service.  He was transported to Concord Police Department for booking.

May 28, 5400 Clayton Rd.  A 31-year-old Walnut Creek male was arrested on a warrant after being contacted by officers. He was transported to Martinez Detention Facility for booking.


May, 3, Yolanda Cir.  Vehicle Theft.

May 6, Mt. Vernon Dr.  Petty Theft – Vehicle.

May 6, Mt. Duncan Dr.  Petty Theft – Vehicle.

May 8, Southbrook Dr.  Grand Theft – Vehicle.

May 18, Mt. Etna Dr.  Petty Theft – Vehicle.

May 24, Yolanda Cir.  Grand Theft – Vehicle.

May 26, Oakwood Cir.  Robbery.


May 19, Marsh Creek Rd./Clayton Rd.

May 24, 6100 Main St.

May 25, Tara Dr.

May 26, Mt. Zion Dr.