CA Assembly District 15 candidate questions: Karen Mitchoff

Mitchoff to apply
Karen Mitchoff

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Mar. 1, 2024) — The Pioneer newspaper presented questions to the candidates running for California’s Assembly District 15 in the 2024 election.

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Candidate: Karen Mitchoff

What are your strengths or qualities that you bring to the position you’re seeking?  

Proven elected leadership for the last 20 years at the city and county levels along with working with regional and federal partners to secure funding for programs and services such as mental health, public health, law enforcement, children’s issues, elders’ issues, and flood control to name a few.  I am forthright once I have made a decision, but always in listening mode with constituents.  I work collaboratively with everyone to achieve agreed-upon goals.  Additionally, as a county supervisor, I am the only candidate who understands both local needs and budget issues and how the state can/does impact finances for critical services.

What are three main issues that you will prioritize if elected? 

A. Public safety, B. housing, C. elder issues

How will you specifically address each of those issues?  

AProvide much-needed support to local governments for law enforcement and mental health services, banning assault weapons that aren’t already banned, seek longer sentences for those using firearms of any kind in a crime;

Bwork to find solutions for housing in suburban areas (such as housing on shopping center parking lots that aren’t being used) as one-size-fits-all (Weiner bills) don’t work in certain areas, streamline CEQA to prevent abuse of legal processes;

C work to provide more financial resources to elders needing long-term care solutions that aren’t covered by MediCal/Medicare

Why should you be elected?  

I should be elected because I am the most experienced candidate with both local and regional experience dealing with our most pressing issues:  housing, transportation, climate, and water, specifically the Delta and have the leadership skills to be the most effective in Sacramento.

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