ABC brings holiday family fun to downtown Concord

ABC brings holiday family fun to downtown Concord

CONCORD, CA (Oct. 17, 2021) – Wondering what all the bounce houses are doing behind the “white picket fence” in downtown Concord?

Right now, it’s a “pumpkin patch.”  After Halloween, Christmas trees.

The City Council granted a temporary license to ABC Tree Farms to operate a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot on the property bringing a holiday boost to the downtown area.

The vacant, city-owned land is bounded by Clayton Road, Concord Boulevard and Galindo Street. ABC Tree Farms, which has previously conducted successful pumpkin patches and tree lots on non-city owned property in Concord, is paying $4,300 a month from September through December.

Fun for everyone

In addition to pumpkins and Christmas trees, ABC is offering slides and jump houses, paintball, pony rides and other children’s activities. The business “will help stimulate activity within the downtown during the 2021 holiday season,” assistant city manager Justin Ezell wrote in the staff report.

“The activities will be highly visible by passing motorists, acting as a magnet that draws people into the downtown to further simulate activity,” Ezell noted.

In addition, he said, “city staff negotiated a favorable licensing fee while also developing licensing conditions which ensure the city’s best interest in terms of safety of patrons, motorists and pedestrians, and compliance with applicable policies and regulations.”

For safe traffic flow, ABC Tree Farms constructed a new driveway on Concord Boulevard.

“Disturbance to these streets as a result of the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot operations will be minimal and present no concern to the city engineer,” Ezell said.

In the past, the city has granted temporary use of the property as a staging area for construction projects. According to Ezell, the city “intends to comply with the Surplus Land Act when the property is placed on the market for future permanent redevelopment, which is expected to occur in early 2022.”