Artists create inviting studios in downtown Concord

Artists create inviting studios in downtown Concord
Pat Viera, left, Cheryl Jones and Lisa Fulmer are happily making art in their Grant Street studios.

Lisa Fulmer, Arts in MotionCONCORD, CA (Oct. 15, 2021) — As most creative types know, finding space to create can be a constant struggle.

You’re working on the kitchen table or in the corner of the bedroom, and you can’t buy new towels because your linen closet is stuffed with art supplies. Maybe you’ve converted your grown kid’s room into a craft room, or your car has to live outside because your garage is now your studio.

At some point, though, your art space can and will totally take over your living space. Along with local artists Pat Viera and Cheryl Jones, I came to that crossroads and started looking for studio rentals.

“Finding something affordable, safe and not too far from home was not easy,” says Viera. “I looked at several places but couldn’t find what I wanted.”

Then serendipity stepped in via two Facebook groups: Concord Comes Alive and Concord Community for Artists. Viera had posted in one group that she was looking for studio space, and a photographer posted in the other group that there were rentals available in the downtown building where she used to work. I saw both posts and connected these two women, which yielded Viera a very productive chat with the building owner.

The space was big enough to share, and I got first dibs. So, we moved our treasured art supplies out of our homes and into our new studio.

“Ever since retiring, I try to make art every day,” Viera says. “Some days I’m drawing portraits and other days I’m assembling collages. It feels so good to have a place to go and make that happen.”

Within a couple weeks, we learned that the space next to ours was available. Our Facebook groups came to the rescue again and Jones quickly became our new neighbor. We three discovered we had something wonderful in common – even though we use our studios to create and exhibit our own work, we also love sharing art with others. So, we’ve all carved out space for people to visit, play, shop and take classes.

“For me, art is refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating,” says Jones. “I want to bring that to people of all ages and remind everyone that creativity is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you’re 5 or 85, you can come here to enjoy making whatever kind of art you like.”

Viera agrees and believes art should always be approachable and relatable. “I enjoy showing people how to create something custom that’s poignant and meaningful to them.”

My own day job involves writing about art supplies for manufacturers, so I’ve always loved helping people try new mediums and techniques.

It’s so important to find something that excites you about being creative, and you’ll definitely find it with one of us. Stop by to visit our new studios at 1924 Grant St. (upstairs from Baskin-Robbins). Our hours vary, but times and events are posted in our windows.

Lisa Fulmer
Lisa Fulmer

Lisa Fulmer is a mixed media artist, Concord Art Association board member and founder of She also consults with local artists on self-promotion and personal branding.