A new take on street food

A new take on street food in Concord

A new take on street food
Kevin Dennis and Christine Muller created an impromptu tailgate feast after ordering takeout from Canasta Kitchen in Concord last weekend.

CONCORD, CA—Clayton resident Christine Muller and her husband Kevin Dennis went out “looking for adventure” and Mexican food on Saturday night, Dec. 12.

While there was no adventure to be found, they decided to try dining curbside.

Canasta Kitchen is located at 2118 Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Concord, CA.

“We ordered our food from Canasta Restaurant in Concord, borrowed two chairs and sat down at the curb to enjoy our dining experience. It was cold but super fun,” she said.

Muller thinks it would be a good way to get together while maintaining social distance.

“Pull up and pop your tailgate – hot food and fun.”

For a current list of Concord restaurants serving take out during the lockdown, click here.