Zoom-cchinis spotlight WC farmer’s market inaugural veggie races

Zoom-cchinis spotlight WC farmer’s market inaugural veggie races

Zoom-cchinis spotlight WC farmer’s market inaugural veggie races
Kayla Hayden (right) of the California Farmers’ Markets Association, registers the last of dozens of zucchini rides created for racing action at the Shadelands on July 30. (Photo by David Scholz)

WALNUT CREEK, CA (August 7, 2022) — The overwhelming positive response from young and old alike to the Diablo Valley Farmers Market at Shadelands’ first-time Zucchini Races are sure to make it an annual event.

A total of 32 zucchinis of all shapes and sizes, decked out in a variety of eye-catching styles and designs, rolled out of the market’s pit stop tent July 30 to see which had the chops to survive the slope of the homeland four-lane track ala the setup used by the Cub Scouts for their annual Pinewood Derby competition.

As one adult market visitor who had strolled up to see what all the hubbub was about keenly observed, “they’ll need another table next year” – seeing a crowded staging area where ‘chief race official’ Kayla Hayden, marketing Coordinator for the Walnut Creek-based California Farmers’ Market Association, was retrieving hopefuls for each race session.

`”It was an awesome day,” said Hayden, who noted they are aiming for September for next year’s event.

And the winner is…

“Dasher” crosses the finish line first to earn top prize of $200 in the finals of the Zucchini Races. Organizers are aiming for September for next year’s event at the Diablo Valley Farmers’ Market at the Shadelands. (Photo by David Scholz)

One race after another finally brought the action down to two finalists where “Dasher” emerged victorious and earned its creator, Anika, $200. A local mother, carrying the torch for all parents in attendance, took home the runner up prize of $50 with her entry “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee”.

A Most Creative honor was also at stake for the entrants. With a slick red paint job and a white racing stripe down the center, 13-year old Sabine Bennett’s  “Zuchinni of Enthralling Speed” earned the $100 prize.

“I came in aiming to win both,” she said, “so this is pretty good.”

Loving arts and crafts, her mom chimed in that the pay day was likely to fund that pastime going forward.

The competition was not for the faint of heart though. Action – fast and furious – saw collisions down the track and pile ups in  the netting just beyond the yellow finish line. So the vegetable chassis marking the day were surely destined for fryers, BBQ grills, stove top sautes, and shredded salads later on in the day.

Aspirations by competitors, some as young as 3 ½, no doubt are already turning to how their zucchinis will go faster – and straighter – in 2023.