When Santa Comes A-call’n

When Santa Comes a-Callin’

When Santa Comes A-call’n
Sometimes even Santa may need some help setting up new devices.

Will Claney, Tech TalkCONCORD, CA (Dec. 9 2021) — Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all and I hope your loved ones shower you with gifts galore.

I think it is a ton of fun to get stuff, beside the socks I seem to get, that is.  I think I have more socks than the rest of California combined.  Anyway, when Santa brings a tech gifts, especially technology for your computer it can be a technical challenge to the recipients.  The gift giving is well meaning of course, but it can be a technical challenge installing and setting up the device.

Let’s say you got that special something like a new video card, solid state drive (SSD), or some other gadget that fits inside your computer.  Are you prepared to “do-it-yourself” (DYI) or should you ask for help?  Well, if you are technically inclined delving into the chassis (computer case) may be second nature and your installation is likely to go well.  If you are not so gifted you need some help.

If you received a technical product that plugs into the outside of your computer chassis, like a web cam, new mouse, or printer, you probably will have luck with the installation on your own.


If you want installation help there are several ways to get it.  The least best way is to have your neighbors’ kids give it a try.  Really, don’t do this as inexperienced hands can make matters worse.  What you should first try to do is contact “support” for the product. The instructions that come with the device are usually worthless but usually have a support email, chat or web site.

Go to your web search engine (browser) and look up the part by name or SKU, go to the support page and check the FAQs (frequently asked questions).  If FAQs don’t satisfy you, write a brief message to the support group, email or “chat” with their rep. and get the answers you need. Support personal can usually save you a lot of time and solve your issue in a timely manner.

Store support

Another good source of support comes from the store from which the device came. Forget the “sales” person and go directly to a technical specialist. Many times the store techs will offer you great advice. They may even have a shop that can install setup and test the device for you.  Some are free with your purchase, but most will charge a nominal fee to install the device.  But wait, there’s more… Installation only means plugging the device into the computer and does not cover setup where latest device software (drivers) are loaded and tested to be sure the device is working properly.  Be aware, the tech may charge more for setup and testing.

Lastly, there are a number of ways the get that Santa gift working.  Chose from DYI, device tech support, in store support or, my favorite let the elves do it.  (Those elves would be us. We sorta look like elf’s, don’t we?  Pointy heads, propeller hats, overworked grins.  Yes. No?)

Ho-ho-ho, have fun and remember there is help for you.  Joy to your holidays.

Will Claney
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William Claney is an independent tech writer and former owner of Computers USA in the Clayton Station. Email questions or comments to willclaney@gmail.com.