Tamara Steiner, Publisher

As we head down the home stretch to Election 2020, it seems as if the earth spins faster and faster the closer we come to Nov. 3.

But, as amped up and complicated as things seem to be right now, the message is really simple – VOTE.

This election is arguably the most important one facing us at every level – national, state and local – in more than a century.

For those who have already mailed or dropped off their ballots, thank you. For those who have yet to decide, I urge you to sit down with a cuppa (nothing stronger, you need a clear head) and your ballot book, and make your voices count.

If you aren’t sure about a measure or a candidate, I highly recommend the non-partisan League of Women Voters for information on candidates and measures. Go to votersedge.org. and enter your address to bring up your ballot. Click on any of the candidates or measures for more information.

For the Concord and Clayton city council races, the candidates’ positions on the major issues are posted on our website

Scroll down and click on Elections 2020 to see all of the completed questionnaires.

Once you’ve completed your ballot, SIGN IT! Then mail EARLY or drop off at a ballot box. For a list of ballot box locations, go to Contra Costa County Elections.

See you on the other side.