Using AI defenses to ward off AI attacks

Using AI defenses to ward off AI attacks

Using AI defenses to ward off AI attacks
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Will Claney, Tech Talk(Aug. 25, 2023) — AI, or artificial intelligence, is smart – really smart – because it possesses the knowledge of the entire Internet. That means it can use the combined knowledge of humankind to invade your digital devices like PCs, laptops, workstations, servers and now even smartphones.

AI technology can intrude on your life in ways never before thought possible. AI is so smart it can use your phone to gather information about you, then use it against you.
How do you defend against this?

It is likely most of you already have some exposure to AI if you use popular chat bots like ChatGPT, Bing chat, etc., and from shopping bots that already know what you’re looking for. And now, spy bots want to disrupt your life.
A bot is an automated software application that is programmed to do certain tasks. In maleficent hands, it will cause major damage to the data on your computer, network or cell phone.

According to Digital Trends, “Researchers at Cornell University have discovered a new way for AI tools to steal your data – keystrokes.”

The Cornell study went on to add, “The researchers accomplished this by training an AI model on the sound of keystrokes and deploying it on a nearby phone. The integrated microphone listened for keystrokes on a MacBook Pro and was able to reproduce them with 95% accuracy.”

It gets worse

“This is just the latest in a string of new attack vectors enabled by AI tools, including ChatGPT,” the study reported. “Just a week ago, the FBI warned about the dangers of ChatGPT and how it’s being used to launch criminal campaigns. Security researchers have also seen new challenges, such as adaptive malware that can quickly change through tools like ChatGPT.”

So much for the bad news. ComputersUSA belongs to a worldwide network of good guys with AI technology of our own. To coin a phrase, it takes AI to fight AI.

Our Managed Service Providers (MSP) include SentinelOne Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR) technology. We use this AI to fend off the intrusions, killing them before they spread.

I am as serious as I can be when I say if you don’t have this technology, you have inferior defenses and you will be hacked. It’s just a matter of time. Small and medium businesses with or without Information Technology (IT) or a staff of experts – it’s time to wise up.

Our members switched to SentinelOne EDR in an effort to provide the best possible defenses against hacks available in the world today. Nothing else even comes close to our protection. Find out more today.

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Will Claney
Will Claney

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