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Tips for helping guide son along career path

Dominique King Lean in with LoveQ: How do I talk to my son about not attending college but picking up a trade? He is a bright kid and wants to go to college to be with friends; however, understanding his track record, I know he won’t take it seriously. Rather than waste money, I would like to see him go into a profession in which I know he will excel.

A: It’s essential to approach the conversation with empathy, understanding and a focus on his best interests. Here’s a concise guide to navigating this discussion effectively:

Choose the right time and setting. Find a calm, private place where you can talk openly and without distractions.

Express your concerns. Begin by communicating your love for him and concern for his future. Be honest about your worries regarding his track record and the potential challenges he might face in college.

Highlight his strengths. Acknowledge his intelligence and skills, emphasizing his suitability for a trade profession.

Discuss the benefits of a trade. Outline the practical advantages, such as hands-on experience, competitive salaries and job security, while sharing success stories from the trade industry.

Address his concerns. Listen actively to his perspective and reassure him that pursuing a trade is a valid and rewarding option.

Offer support and resources. Emphasize that you will help him explore trade opportunities and provide information about apprenticeships and vocational training programs.

Encourage self-reflection. Prompt him to think about his passions and long-term goals, helping him see how a trade profession can offer fulfillment and stability.

Explore alternatives. If he’s hesitant about committing immediately, discuss other options like taking a gap year or looking at different career paths through internships or part-time jobs.

Emphasize the importance of commitment. Stress the significance of dedication and hard work in any chosen career path, encouraging a positive mindset.

Reassure your support. Conclude by reaffirming your unconditional love and support.

Approaching the conversation with empathy and understanding will create a supportive environment where your son feels empowered to make informed decisions about his career path.

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