Time to set sail on the SS Migration

Time to set sail on the SS MigrationSometimes it is hard to say goodbye to an old mate, a friend who has been there from day one.

Over the last few years, you and your friend have enjoyed a wonderful and productive relationship. Of course, I mean your computer mate with whom you share all your attachments, notes and those photos of fun times.

But will it all come to an end if you migrate to a new computer?

No, of course you won’t be leaving your information, data and work behind at the dock. You are migrating to a new computer, not exploring the New World. Here are some thoughts that can make the journey a bit easier.

Data backup is something many don’t consider a worthwhile effort. It is a bit like swabbing the deck, necessary but not something you think about daily.

Backup everything

But when the migration mission sets sail, perhaps it is time to consider a backup. The first chore is to back up your document files. If you are organized and have all of your data stored in a single place, you are in a “clean” harbor. That means all your data files are located in the My Documents folder, for example, rather than scattered all over your storage device (hard drive).

If your data is clean, a USB flash drive may be a cargo hold large enough to store all your treasures. If you have a plethora of data, you may want to use an external hard drive for backup.

If the data is scattered all over or you are unsure where it is located, do a full drive backup. Back up everything. This may require a professional harbormaster or an informed shipmate to assist you.

Your new ship needs storage space and room to grow. Arrr, there be youngins to feed. Before you move the data to the new computer, be sure the new storage device is two and a half times the size of the old storage device (hard drive, SSD, etc.). For safety, move to the next size up.

The migration trip does not have to be difficult. Good luck and fair seas.

William Claney is an independent tech writer and former owner of Computers USA in the Clayton Station. Email questions or comments to ­willclaney@gmail.com.