Thieves steal Clayton Pride flag

Thieves steal Clayton Pride flag

Thieves steal Clayton Pride flag
To mark the beginning of Pride month, a small group gathered in The Grove June 1 to raise the new inclusive Pride Flag. From left, Rachel Levy, Pioneer Publisher Tamara Steiner, Vice mayor Peter Cloven, event organizer Dee Vieira, Matt Tillman and MDUSD Board of Trustees chair, Cherise Khaund.

CLAYTON, CA — Just two days after the city of Clayton raised three new inclusive Progress flags to mark the beginning of LGBTQ Pride month, thieves stole the flag from the downtown park flagpole. Police are investigating the theft which occurred in the early morning hours Sunday.

The stolen flag was one of three donated by residents. Other flags fly at City Hall and the Clayton library. This is the second year the city has recognized Pride month which begins June 1 and coincides with a day of remembrance for the 700,000 lives lost to HIV in the last 40 years. The Progress flag is a redesign of the traditional Rainbow flag. It includes more colors to include the Black, Brown and transgender people.

“Unfortunately, (the theft) reminds us of division when it comes to fully accepting those that may be ‘different’ from ourselves, those that threaten our beliefs and lifestyles,” Clayton mayor CW Wolfe said in a statement on social media.

A new flag is on order and should arrive by June 16, said Pride Day event organizer, Dee Vieira. In the meantime, a Rainbow flag will fly in place of the stolen one. The flags will fly the entire month of June.

“The thugs thought that, by taking down the symbol of Pride, it would remove the pride we celebrate in the Clayton community,” the mayor said. “Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

“The flag will be replaced, and the struggle will continue.”