Temper current trends to match your style

Every year, design trendsetters determine what is hot and what is not.

From colors and textile design to furnishings and accessories, design is constantly evolving – aesthetically and functionally.

Sometimes design trends are industry-wide, with substantial support for why a design is worthy or, for better or worse, retired. On the other hand, some design trends come from online design aficionados, popular retailers or even your bestie.

It can be overwhelming to interpret how to make the trends work with your aesthetic. If you follow them all, you could be changing your interiors quite often. But if you only admire from afar, you’re not participating in the designing fun.

The answer is to find your way through the never-ending supply of design trends with class, style and balance. My advice is to start with an open mind.

I think there are a few ways to look at design trends. First, and most important, consider what makes you happy. No need to lie down on your leather upholstered chaise lounge and ponder this question with your inner psyche. But if you’re considering a remodel or improvement of any kind, think seriously about what you like.

Rustic plank hardwood flooring and white painted cabinets? A fantastic, gold-finished chandelier with crystals and baubles hovering over a silk and wool area rug in the dining room? Hand-painted terracotta tile on the powder room floor, with a vessel sink perched on a found dresser converted to a vanity?

Pick through the trends of the moment and decide what works with your aesthetic, your budget and your way of life.

Color trends are easy to try because you don’t have to be married to them indefinitely. The color for 2019 is living coral, “a shade of orange with golden undertones,” according to Pantone, the industry leader in color.

That doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy several gallons and repaint your residence, inside and out. Instead, add color with accessories like pillows or artwork, guest bedroom linens or tabletop accessories. Or, physically try on the color with a new dress or pair of shoes.

If you feel you need to be part of the color trend, indulge just enough to satisfy your curiosity – but not so much that you’re spending your design budget on something that could be just a fling.

Bathrooms and kitchens can be challenging when it comes to trends, because these living spaces have no-nonsense budgets and timelines when starting from scratch or remodeling. Instead of bright and daring colors, tricked-out cabinetry with busy countertops or accessories that you “just” read about in House Beautiful, think classic and timeless design.

I’m not suggesting all white or beige, or anything boring and muted. Think clean lines, colors that enhance the architecture of your home, lighting that is both interesting and functional, and a layout that provides functional storage and good movement.

Consider trends that modernize and ultimately make your living space better, rather than start the clock on an expiration countdown.

Jennifer Leischer is the owner of J. Designs Interior Design based in Clayton. Contact her with questions and suggestions by email at jenna@j-designs.com.

Jennifer Leischer
Jennifer Leischer

Jennifer Leischer is the owner of J. Designs Interior Design based in Clayton, CA. Combining a public relations degree from California State University, Chico, with further studies in design and interior architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, Jennifer began her career as an interior designer in 1998, working for various firms in San Francisco and Orinda, and Denver, Colorado. She describes every designing moment, throughout her career, as a wonderful tutorial about the importance of relationships, open communication, and getting down to the basics of functional, yet stylish, living spaces.