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Dominique King Lean in with Love(Mar. 15, 2024) — Hey Dominique, I’m feeling really exhausted by witnessing the significant changes happening in my city. Electeds are more worried about being politically correct, rather than tackling the actual issues. It’s frustrating to see individuals like me, who simply desire safe communities and cities, being portrayed as villains. Why is it so challenging for hardworking people like myself to advocate for a better quality of life for our families without being demonized for wanting to prevent our city from deteriorating?
— Aspen

A. It’s apparent that you’re grappling with a profound frustration regarding the changes happening in your city. This sentiment resonates with many individuals who share a deep connection to their communities. Advocating for safe neighborhoods and a decent quality of life for your family, only to feel uncertain about your city’s ability to provide these necessities, is undoubtedly distressing.

It’s understandable to feel frustrated when your intentions are misconstrued or misrepresented. However, it’s crucial to approach this situation with a level head and consider constructive ways to address these challenges.

Collaborative community

Transitioning from frustration to collaborative community action is key. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Engage with Local Government: Consider becoming involved in local government through avenues such as becoming an appointed commissioner or running for office. Direct involvement can provide opportunities to influence policies and decisions that impact your community.
  • Educate, Advocate, and Vote: Stay informed about local issues and advocate for solutions that prioritize safety and quality of life for all residents. Engage in meaningful dialogue with elected officials and participate in the democratic process by door-knocking, dropping literature for candidates, and voting in elections.
  • Persevere: Creating meaningful change often requires perseverance and resilience. Despite challenges, remain committed to advocating for what you believe in and working towards positive outcomes for your community.

It’s also essential to practice self-reflection and consider the perspectives of others. While it’s natural to focus on our primary concerns, taking the time to understand differing viewpoints can lead to more effective communication and collaboration.

By working with fellow community members and engaging in constructive dialogue, you can contribute to positive change and help create a city that provides a quality of life for all that proudly call your city home.
Be well you are worthy.

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