Take steps to prevent winter’s onslaught

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Jan. 21, 2022) — As we push through winter, overnight temperatures are still occasionally below freezing. A good friend in Clayton reminded me that everyone should understand the danger of bursting plumbing pipes. So, keep those faucets on a slow drip on nights when the temperature may drop below ­freezing.

Heavy rains and winds can also stress fences, railings and other components of our yards. Once the rains end, consider waterproofing/staining fences and other wooden components to protect against rot.

Vegetation tends to grow rapidly at this time, so be mindful of heavy tree limbs overhanging roofs and vegetation collecting against the siding of a home. High winds and excessive weight brought on by moisture can also cause heavy and saturated limbs to fall onto roofs. This is a wonderful time to trim back any problematic vegetation.

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Scott Denslow is the owner of Safe at Home Inspection Service. He is an InterNACHI and ASHI certified inspector who has 66+ five-star ratings on Yelp. ­Contact him at scott@safeat­homellc.com. For more info visit www.safeathomellc.com.