Stop working so hard – let MSP maintain your computer

Stop working so hard – let MSP maintain your computerCONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA — If you are the chief maintenance engineer for your family or business, you know that skipping the maintenance leaves your computer open to hacking, loss of data or worse.

But you didn’t buy a computer because you wanted to spend time upgrading software and passwords, patching, managing, protecting and fixing it. So, if you are frustrated with all the chores related to keeping your computer and networks in top shape, I have an answer: a managed service provider (MSP).

Here at ComputersUSA in Clayton, we have a better way to keep your computer running right. Our MSP services address all these issues, and we call it CUSA Care.

Many local computer professionals now offer MSP services like ours under their own labels. This includes services for smartphones, tablets, workstations, game computers and servers.

MSP Network

MSPs do all the maintenance work, software updates, virus scans, hacker blocking and the like. MSPs join massive computer networks that link everyone’s computer to a central processor. The MSP network monitors and runs your anti-virus, malware protection health and productivity and reports the findings, or corrects the flaws for you. It automatically notifies us of issues such as full or failing drives or network traffic problems, so we can address them before they become critical.

MSP systems “learn” about new viruses, malicious programs and hacks to block them before they reach you. The better computer repair/maintenance service companies use these types of central management services to keep you protected. Monthly fees are small, and it’s better than trying to fix your issues afterward.

One wonders why governments and large corporations haven’t figured this out, as they still get hit with ransomware attacks. Perhaps bad IT managers?


Meanwhile, I’d like to expand on password updates. How many passwords do you have? When did you last change them? Do you reuse them? Is Pa$$worD your idea of a good password?

Facebook was just hacked (again), and all the passwords were pilfered. Bad people use the theft to compare your old password to all the other accounts you have ever used, even if closed. They find your bank accounts, credit cards and stock accounts all ripe for picking. The criminals use a simple matching software to processes millions of passwords to discover your weakness.

I know keeping track of passwords is an issue. All you need to do is contact your MSP and get a good password manager.

Image this: You are sitting at your computer and it does not flash a message: “I’m updating, please wait.” Or, upon startup, it does not flash a message that you need to update Windows before you can start your work – it just works. No fuss.

Everything that needs fixing is already fixed. What a concept. Now pay the 10 bucks and get back to using your computer for the reason you bought it.

William Claney is an independent tech writer and former owner of Computers USA in the Clayton Station. Email questions or comments to