From the Desk of Steve Glazer, CA State Senator

State Sen. Glazer — ‘Table Talk’ delves into unique stories

From the Desk of Steve Glazer, CA State SenatorCONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Aug. 1, 2023) — If there’s one thing I love about my job, it’s hearing about people who are doing amazing thing or when something happens that is just plain surprising.

In looking for a way to share these stories, I’ve started a podcast called “Table Talk with Senator Steve Glazer,” where I explore the nooks and crannies of the Bay Area to find fascinating stories about people, places and the world of California politics.

When you listen to “Table Talk,” you can expect to learn something new about folks who could be your neighbors, or about hidden jewels and gems in our communities.

Each week, I explore unique stories in our district – like the man who has built thousands of birdhouses and placed them on stop signs. Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes after you toss it in your blue bins? You’d be amazed to find out what happens to your tin cans and plastic forks. Did you know that a group of high school girls designed and built a tiny home for local farmworkers during their school year?

These are just a few of many previously untold stories, digging below the surface to find the unexpected. As they say, there’s a surprise waiting for you around every corner.

Current events

I’ll also chat about current events with newsmakers and experts while providing updates on important bills making their way through the state Legislature. In one episode, for example, I address corruption in local politics – and the lawsuit that’s tried to block a law I authored to clean it up. In another, I have some interesting conversations with key voices on BART.

My main focus is to convey stories that are meaningful to you. As many of you know, we came together during the pandemic when I held 20 virtual Town Halls with experts answering your questions about the so many unknowns we were facing. This podcast is an opportunity for me to have fun with interesting topics but also to challenge the status quo and ask tough questions that reveal the underbelly of issues important to you.

I hope you’ll tune in, lend your ear to “Table Talk” and enjoy the surprises that await you as we continue to tell your stories.

Thank you for staying connected and engaged with your community.

You can subscribe to “Table Talk” on all podcast platforms, like Spotify, Apple and even on your car’s SiriusXM. You can also find all my podcast episodes on my website,

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