So This Happened… Week of June 21 to 27

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA — Several hundred people gathered June 26 at a memorial service for Maj. Gen. Dan Helix, a former mayor of Concord.

The event at the Concord Pavilion featured military honors and tributes from political colleagues, including Assemblymember Tim Grayson – who presided over the celebration.

Not just your average herbs: As more people discover the joy of gardening, they are adding herbs like lemon balm and flavored mints and sages. The Pioneer’s Garden Girl offers some planting suggestions that will add zest to your summer meals. Meanwhile, Debra Morris provides tips for grilling fruits and vegetables from the farmers market.

Thwarting wildfires: With undercover Con Fire investigators seizing thousands of dollars in illegal fireworks this month, Contra Costa County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff reports on how seriously the agency takes the threat of fires that they can spark. And, be sure to check out our checklist for assembling your own wildfire emergency kit.

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