So This Happened…Week of July 6 to 12

Weekly news review for July 6 through 12 — With racial discord continuing to divide our nation, there’s a bit of good news coming out of Concord as restaurant owner Jamel Major reports a boost in business after a Twitter appeal.

“With everything going on in the Black Lives Matter movement, it was a very good response and people have been very supportive,” said the owner of Pure Juice and Smoothie Lounge. Read the full story.

Why words matter

Meanwhile, Pioneer columnist Dorann Zotigh spells out her thoughts on systemic racism in America. “The words we use matter. The things we say matter,” she said. “And what we don’t say or do also matters. Our silence about the things that are wrong and unjust matters.” Read the full story.

Straight talk

Over in Clayton, Michael Broome hosted the webinar “Race Relations in Clayton: A Real Conversation with Your Neighbors” on July 9. The goal was to bring the community together to continue conversations that started at a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Clayton last month. Read the full story.

Creating community

As more events go online due to the pandemic, the Blue Devils of Concord will hold a Virtual Gala on Aug. 1. “Togetherness is such an important part of life, and I think we’re realizing that now more than ever,” said Shaun Gallant, CEO of Blue Devils Performing Arts. “It unites us, gives us a sense of belonging and encourages us to love one another.” Read the full story.

Here are some other stories the Pioneer covered in the last week:

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