Saucedo takes pride in ­serving Clayton community

Saucedo takes pride in ­serving Clayton community

Saucedo takes pride in ­serving Clayton community
Gabriella Saucedo says community engagement is essential in her role as a police administrative technician in Clayton.

CLAYTON, CA (Sept. 17, 2023) — Gabriella Saucedo brings her unique background and experiences into play in her job as a police administrative technician with the Police Department.

“From mastering my culinary skills at the International Hospitality Tourism Academy, where I competed in creating advanced wedding cakes, to fostering young minds as a preschool teacher for five years, I’ve cultivated patience, precision and empathy,” she says.

Saucedo’s academic journey led her to a criminal justice degree from Diablo Valley College, equipping her with a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of the legal system.

“Gabriela is a dedicated staff member who has been willing to take on new challenges to improve herself and the city,” notes city manager Bret Prebula.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Saucedo finds “joy and balance” in ice skating, where she says she’s learned the art of grace under pressure.

“Community engagement is a core value of mine, and I actively contribute by volunteering at events such as the Art & Wine Festival and the 4th of July Parade in Clayton,” she says. “These experiences connect me to the heart of the city and its people.”

Her aspirations extend beyond law enforcement. “I hope to one day become a Clayton mom, embodying the spirit of service, family and community.”

She reflects that each step in her life “has enriched me with invaluable skills, perspectives and qualities that I proudly bring to my role. I remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of empathy and dedication as I serve and protect the community I deeply care for.”