Road projects will smooth the way through Concord

Road projects will smooth the way through Concord

Road projects will smooth the way through Concord
Repaving and improved bike lanes on East Street at Galindo in Concord. (Pete Cruz photo)

Laura Hoffmeister, Mayor of ConcordCONCORD, CA (Sept. 13, 2023) — Roadwork throughout Concord continues, thanks to a $115 million investment in our five-year pavement improvement plan – with the use of Measure V, the one-cent local sales tax intended to maintain a reliable source of local funding that cannot be taken by the state.

Significant improvements recently completed such as the repaving of Grant and East streets, Treat Boulevard Phase 1, and Oak Grove Road. Other completed projects include a portion of Concord Boulevard and city limits to San Miguel Road. Phase 2, San Miguel to Clayton Road, begins in spring 2024, and we have more projects on the horizon.

We recently approved a contract for pavement rehab maintenance for Willow Pass Road from Landana Drive toward Highway 4. I know this is a huge relief to so many who use that stretch of road. We also approved a contract to repair pavement sections on Ygnacio Valley Road from Alberta Way to Clayton Road.

Some of our projects include new or improved bike lanes. State law requires all cities and counties to include “Complete Streets” for grant funding for road pavement projects. Concord has been successful in securing more than $14 million in federal, state and regional transportation grants over the last year.

Improving bike lanes

Upgraded bike lanes around Monument Blvd. (Pete Cruz photo)

Complete Streets requires improving adjacent pedestrian access such as ramps at corners, and adding bicycle lanes or upgrading existing bike lanes to new standards.

We have received some questions and concerns specifically about Concord Boulevard. While the lanes meander more than they used to, and in some sections two travel lanes were reduced to one, we made these striping changes to accommodate the required bike lanes without removing all of the existing curbside parking.

All of our current and future repaving projects where bike lanes are required may also narrow auto travel lanes to 11-feet wide. This will accommodate the bike lanes unless the road is a designated truck route. With some bike and pedestrian improvements, we have had to make changes to the previous striping. Some drivers may be surprised and frustrated, and I know it will take some time to adjust.

The city Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) assists in reviewing transportation projects. This includes roadway, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and provides input to staff and the City Council. The BPAC has public quarterly meetings. To learn more, please visit

Saving our roadways

Despite the traffic headaches, these upgrades will not only slow the progressive deterioration of our roadways, but for the first time in more than a decade, they will begin to improve our pavement condition – which is better for safety and quality of life. You can learn more about our upcoming projects and see our interactive map at

Lastly, you may have noticed new yellow reflective trim around some signal light fixtures. I have received many positive comments about this change, with some asking for other locations to be done. These are part of additional traffic safety improvements funded by a Caltrans grant.

The intersection selected were based on traffic safety considerations, such as volume of traffic and accident/collision history that complied with the grant requirements. We will continue to look for more funds to update more intersections.

Direct your questions and comments to the mayor at 925-671-3158 or