Richard McEachin, Clayton Police Chief

Quick tips to keep thieves at bay

Richard McEachin, Clayton Police ChiefCLAYTON, CA (Nov. 7, 2023) — As we approach the holiday season and the longer dark hours that come with it, thefts are once again beginning to ramp up.

Here are a few things you can do to help deter theft:

Lock vehicles and don’t leave valuables inside them, especially in plain view. Most thieves look for unlocked vehicles, but if they see valuable items inside (purse, laptop, wallet, etc.), they will force entry.

Don’t leave mail in your mailbox for several days. If you don’t have a locking mailbox, try to remove the mail daily so that it is empty overnight.

Pick up packages from your porch as soon as possible. Online ordering is convenient, but the longer packages are left on your front porch, the more likely they are to be taken.

Report theft to the police department. Posting on social media is great for helping to alert your neighbors, but notifying the police department helps as well. We can’t investigate if we aren’t aware of it.

Keep the garage door closed unless you are outside where you can monitor it. An open garage door is a welcome sign for thieves. Also, don’t leave a garage door opener in a vehicle if the vehicle isn’t going to be parked inside the garage. Thieves will break into your car to get the remote and open your garage door.

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