Puzzlers share their passion with the Pioneer

Puzzlers share their passion with the Pioneer

Puzzlers share their passion with the Pioneer
Photo submitted by Gail Fitzgerald.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Jan. 26, 2023) — Our story on puzzling in the Jan. 20 issue of the Pioneer, inspired others to share their own love of the hobby.

Gail Fitzgerald writes: After reading your article about puzzling, I am finishing my 50th plus puzzle since the pandemic started.

I am addicted, work on puzzles a little every day. I donate, trade, save and sell them. My family “enables “me, supplying me with the product as I finish one. Pictures of family made into puzzles and special places dominate.

I would love to trade with Ms Kasper. I only do 500 piece puzzles though. It fits perfectly on my card table.

Holiday challenge

Our own Copy Editor, also shares her recent puzzling experience with a holiday gift.

Puzzlers share their passion with the PioneerThis Santa puzzle was a Christmas gift to myself, after I purchased it on half-price after the holiday last year and carefully stowed it away. However, it was apparently the gift that keeps on giving — as it took more than two weeks of futzing to finally complete it. (I can usually complete a 1,000 piece puzzle in a few days.)

For this “Nightmare After Christmas,”  I even had to resort to doing the edges mid-way through. I usually save them for last and let my husband “help!” Here’s hoping that next year’s “surprise” gift (a street scene complete with Santa train) brings me a little more holiday cheer.

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