On a local level, residents seem to have more in common

Pulse of Concord — On a local level, residents seem to have more in common

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CONCORD, CA—Although the national divide has gotten repulsively intense, there may be some good news in the early results of the latest survey at PulseOfConcord.com.

I asked if people were Trump or Biden supporters, and the results were typical of the actual results in this city: 75 percent Biden and 23 percent Trump. Yet looking at their positions on local issues, there is not an equally stark divide – meaning that we have much more in common than we have in difference of significance.

For example:

Do you think vape products pose a health risk?

Over all, 85 percent yes, 3 percent no and 11 percent unsure.

Trump supporters were a few percentage points more unsure, that is all.

Should vape products be banned? No real difference.

  • For everyone: 22 percent.
  • Minors under 18: 47.
  • Under 21: 23
  • Nobody: 5.

Should the City Council be structured by district or at large? Again, not much difference.

  • By district, 62 percent.
  • At large, 24.
  • Not sure, 14.

Most comforting is that both sides are optimistic when asked if 2021 will be better than 2020.

  • Yes, 59 percent.
  • No, 14.
  • Not sure, 26.

So let us hold on to those common aspects, especially the last one, and make sure we focus on making 2021 better than 2020. Keep Concord moving in concord.

While Edi Birsan is a mild-mannered City Council member at times (very few times), this is his personal survey for the last 10 years and is not associated with the city of Concord or any other organization and represents his views and not that of anyone else. Write to him at EdiBirsan@gmail.com or go to his Facebook page, Pulse of Concord. To take part in a future survey, go to www.pulseofconcord.com