Pulse of Concord

Pulse of Concord — Enough already! Stop with the attacks and verbal abuse

Pulse of ConcordCONCORD, CA (Feb. 17, 2023) — We have seen an intense increase in the outrageous attacks on elected officials in the last few years. I have received accusations of being without integrity, corrupt, part of the Mafia, a sleaze ball, a tool of capitalist pigs and a few other descriptives with expletives deleted.

Most of the time I try to restrain my response and simply say, “If you want to talk about it, let me know.”

However, this one came in and I could not resist answering in a similar vein:

… and that you called this your P L A N!!! Piece of garbage, nothing else. In your email last year you assured me and others, that there is plan to fix Treat Blvd. this year. All of sudden you’re going to fix this street from border with Walnut Creek to San Miguel! Read this in YOUR bulletin! Are you an IDIOT and MORON? This street needs repairs at least to Oak Grove Rd. no more and no less. See for yourself how badly this section of Treat Blvd. is damaged!

I wouldn’t care much if you’re ordinary local guy, but you are an “official” of this city PRETENDING to taking care of the business for us. What a JOKE!

Good work indeed. I hope that if the rope is long enough you will do the damage to yourself, making false promises and serving to your own gains.

Good luck!

—Absolutely pissed off local from Treat Blvd. (named withheld to protect the guilty)

In the response, I pointed out in less than a blunt manner that the road was being repaired in two phases and that the first phase from the border to San Miguel actually goes way past the Oak Grove intersection they referenced and, of course, signed it off as “absolutely pissed off local elected from Treat Blvd.”

People please, before you launch an attack on someone in office, try to reach out to them to get their side of whatever it is that you do not like. You might be shocked to learn that there are rational reasons for whatever they did, at least as far as the elected is concerned, even if you disagree with their decision.

Further, I do not know anyone who has actually changed their position because they were called an idiot/moron/joke, etc.

Edi Birsan, your friendly vice mayor, will always buy you coffee at Peet’s at Oak Grove and Treat and listen to your rants and raves while trying to explain the reality behind whatever he is up to. Contact him at EdiBirsan@gmail.com.