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Peering through the looking glass into Windows 12

Will Claney, Tech Talk(Mar. 12, 2024) — In Peter Drucker’s book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” the expression “innovate or die” emphasizes the need for organizations to embrace creativity, innovation and adaptability – or fail.

The current Artificial Intelligence (AI) craze codifies the remarks, as AI seems to be omnipresent and the wave of the future in computing.

Microsoft is projected to release a new version of its operating system, called Windows 12, near the end of 2024. The new operating system is expected to heavily emphasize AI capabilities through the use of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

According to Copilot, Microsoft’s built-in AI, these features may include:

  • An advanced Windows Copilot.
  • AI-enhanced search functionality.
  • AI-based upscaling for games and videos.
  • AI-animated wallpapers.

That’s right: Copilot AI is predicting the future of Microsoft 12 AI. Go figure.

Current reports suggest that some of Windows 12’s AI features could require a dedicated NPU. However, it’s not definitively stated that Windows 12 will demand an NPU for all users. Considering that NPU hardware is just starting to appear in the market, it seems unlikely that Microsoft would make it a strict requirement, according to sources. Therefore, a scaled-down version is possible for older computers.

That said, I can see a future where an NPU will be a requirement in order to achieve the best possible outcomes of AI.

An evolving story

“Companies like AMD, Intel and Qualcomm are introducing CPUs with integrated NPUs. However, these AI-capable PCs may be expensive and not accessible to everyone,” says Copilot, formally referred to as ChatGPT, OpenAI and Bing. It’s an evolving story.

These AI-capable PCs will likely not be compatible with Windows 11 computers; therefore, a swap of CPUs is likely possible with more current computer models if the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) (which defines the installed components of a computer) supports it.

To stay with current tech, one would likely need to purchase a new computer with 16GB of RAM or more, with NPU and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) built into it.

CPU, NPU, GPU, TPM and RAM – whew. You thought that would be enough new tech for a while, well, no. Here comes AI-Pin, a cell phone with no screen but it can translate, record, project images and suggest dinner. It’s here in April. More later, my readers.

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Will Claney
Will Claney

William Claney is an independent tech writer and former owner of Computers USA in the Clayton Station. Email questions or comments to willclaney@gmail.com.