Orinda troupe offers online evening of mystery and murder

The Orinda Starlight Village Players encourages audience participation via Zoom for the new theatrical creation “A Night of Creeps, Haunts and Murder.”

The clever and engaging concept brings the theatrical venue right into your own home via computer, preferably one with a connected video camera.

I first used Zoom a couple of months ago to join family members around the country. We could all see and speak with each other while celebrating a family event, just as if we were all gathered in the same house.

Watch for free

Now, you can enjoy this new theatrical experience for free, but donations are encouraged. The delightfully fun-filled guessing game, based on mystery comedy theater, will capture your imagination as you become an active guest participant.

Visit orsvp.org and request a Zoom meeting link for the night you wish to join the show. You will receive instructions on when to connect to the Orinda Starlight Village Players Interactive Zoom Playhouse. Once you complete the sign-in procedure, you will appear on your computer screen as if you are in your own private little room, along with others who are participating in the show.

Mr. Grim, a mysterious ghostly character, tersely welcomes you as he appears on the screen from a large room of a mansion. He explains that you and the group of eight guests (the actors whom you now see on your computer screen) were originally invited to the mansion this evening to discuss reports and rumors of alien intrusions, evil ghosts and other paranormal activities. But, a terrible and unexpected event has just occurred.

Murder suspects

Shockingly, the mansion’s owner, Mr. Mugwort, has been found dead in the mansion. Apparently, his murder occurred during the arrival of the town’s guests. Mr. Grim believes that one of the guests committed the crime, because many felt animosity toward Mr. Mugwort and may have wished him dead.

Orinda troupe offers online evening of mystery and murder
This ghostly manor is the setting for the online show “A Night of Creeps, Haunts and Murder.”

Mr. Grim warns that you and the other participants of this murder mystery show, along with the townspeople, are now all locked up in separate rooms of the mansion until one or more of you figure out who murdered Mr. Mugwort. The wrath of the manor is great and if the murder is not solved, there will be terrible consequences.

When you receive your instructions on attending the meeting in the mansion, you will be supplied with personal background information on each of the town’s guests to help you solve the mystery. You will also receive a detailed map of the mansion interior. This is important information to assist you in solving the mystery and ferreting out each actor’s motives and secrets. Print out these details and have them in your possession while the show unfurls. You should also make notes as you form your conclusion as to the murderer’s identity.

Truth or lies?

As the show progresses, each suspect from the town will speak candidly. They will share information as to their personal relationships with Mr. Mugwort. They will allege where they were in the manor at the time of his death. Keep in mind that they may not always be telling the truth. As a member of the virtual crime-solving audience, you are encouraged to ask them to reveal any secrets they possess that may have a bearing on the murder or any other questions you may wish to ask.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this delightful mystery game. It will continue at 7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday through August. So connect with the Orinda Starlight Village Players website and join this fun, thought-provoking and entertaining experience.

For more information or reservations, email info@orsvp.org.

Charles Jarrett is a journalist, photographer and voice-over artist. He is a member of the San Francisco Theater Critics Circle. His reviews appear frequently in the Orinda News, Martinez Gazette and Rossmoor News. Email comments to megaline@comcast.net.