Optimism about Concord Naval Weapons Station development progress

CONCORD, CA (Sept. 20, 2023) — The Concord Reuse Project gave a presentation to Concord City Council on plans for the shuttered Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS), which will include several distinct commerce and housing areas, a tournament sports complex and a campus district.

According to Guy Bjerke, Concord’s director of Economic Development & Base Reuse, the city has picked Brookfield Properties as the new master developer. The council met with the developer again on Sept. 19.

“We’ll then be working with Brookfield on a Term Sheet that would explain the scope of the project they envision,” Bjerke said.

He explained that the plan will span the area surrounding the North Concord BART Station down to Bailey Road. There will be retail, office, industrial and work/living spaces.

“It has a campus district, it has a tournament sports complex, and it has a commercial flex area and a total of roughly 6 million square feet for various types of commercial uses,” Bjerke said.

According to the Reuse Project, “The urban ‘campus’ will include clusters of buildings focused around public spaces that create comfortable environments for study, discussion and recreation.”

Bjerke says that a significant chunk of the housing will be for low-income residents. “It has about 12,000 housing units … with 25% of those affordable to low income residents as defined in state law,” he reported.

The project, which dates back to 2007, has seen slow progress over the years. But according to Bjerke, the project has new life. “There’s always going to be issues, but I think there is significant optimism going forward.”

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Vince Martellacci
Vince Martellacci

Vince Martellacci is a somewhat new resident of Clayton who loves to spend time in the town center and in Concord. He represents musicians across the Bay Area in the media when he’s not writing. Contact him at vince@4amindiepublicity.com.