One piece at a time, a scaled down Oakhurst came into glory

One piece at a time, a scaled down Oakhurst came into glory

One piece at a time, a scaled down Oakhurst came into glory
Oakhurst neighborhood. (Pete Cruz photo)

CLAYTON, CA (Feb. 19, 2023) — Q. Why are there different developments within the Oakhurst subdivision?

A. In the late 1980s, local developer Albert Seeno Jr. owned the land that is now the Oakhurst Country Club and the 1,500 home Oakhurst development. He wanted to build a 15,000 sq. ft. mansion on the 60-acre hill atop his land. He also wanted a much larger development than is now there, so large that Clayton fought him every step of the way.

Seeno finally agreed to sell to another developer, Presley Homes. The only catch was that he would be able to keep the hill and build his house on top.

The original plan was for there to be four neighborhoods, the country club and large lots with upscale custom homes above it. When the housing market got tight, Brook Hollow patio homes were added adjacent to the Black Diamond duets. The townhomes are called Chaparral Springs.

Windmill Canyon was the name of the single-family homes beyond the duets and townhomes. An area up Eagle Peak hill above the Eagle Peak neighborhood had condominiums and more detached homes eventually added with the same floor plans as Windmill Canyon. Beyond that, another group of upscale homes called Falcon Ridge was added. They rivaled the Eagle Peak homes in price.

Eventually, outside builders were allowed to build and sell large luxury floor plans in the area above the country club. The country club and the Peacock Creek upscale homes are separate from the rest of Oakhurst. They have lovely floor plans and can be larger than the other luxury subdivisions in the Falcon Ridge and Eagle Peak neighborhoods.

Country Club and golf course

At the same time that these homes would be completed, the country club was being built on what would become an award-winning 18-hole course. Golfers came from all over to play the Oakhurst Golf Course.

The plan was for the course to eventually go private. At that time, there was a pretty substantial fee to be a member. The membership fee went up and down over the years, depending on the housing market.

Oakhurst Country Club is dedicated to providing members and their guests a superlative private club experience. From the championship golf course and tennis courts to the fitness, dining and pool amenities, it is an oasis for relaxation and socializing.

It all turned out to be a wonderfully designed community.

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