'Music means happiness' at Mt. Diablo student music Festival

‘Music means happiness’ at Mt. Diablo student music festival

'Music means happiness' at Mt. Diablo student music Festival
Students at local schools demonstrated their talents at Saturday’s student music festival in downtown Concord. (Pete Cruz photo)
The music teachers also performed at Saturday’s concert. (Pete Cruz photo)

CONCORD, CA (May 12, 2024) — Students from local schools in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District performed a year-end concert in Todos Santos Plaza on Saturday.

Families and supporters of the young musicians found shade from which to cheer, on the sunny day. Several youngsters, when prompted to speak on the microphone about what music means to them invoked the word ‘happiness.’

Schools including Highlands, Holbrook, Mt Diablo and Silverwood Elementary showed up to demonstrate skills they have developed over the last year. Other performances included College Park High School Guitar students, directed by Bruce Rockwell and Oak Grove Middle School Intermediate Band led by director Nicholas De La Riva.

Even the handful of music teachers who share their knowledge with 29 area schools took to the stage announcing, “we wanted to show you that we, also, can play instruments.”


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