More funding needed to fight gun violence

More funding needed to fight gun violence

More funding needed to fight gun violence
Concord Police Department Special Enforcement Team (SET) Officers recently found this AR-15 style firearm and a pistol in a stolen vehicle during an arrest just off of Meadow Lane in Concord.  (Photo courtesy Concord PD)

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (June 4, 2022) — In response to yet another school shooting – this time in Uvalde, Texas, many across the nation are focusing on the importance of education in solving this national crisis.

Concord resident Suzan Requa believes it’s essential to increase public school funding.

“We need to work together to find ways to share what is needed and what is happening in schools, including voters/adults without children in school,” she said. “Public education needs to be better understood as an investment in our community for all of us and for all our futures.”

To that end, she has been talking with Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) officials as well as members of the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley (LWVDV).

“This is not an LWVDV driven request. This is a grandparent activist driven request,” noted Requa, who is a past president of the league.

She also recently joined the Mt. Diablo Education Foundation. “I will be working with them on communications for advocacy and engagement with the new Community Schools approach.”

Directing advocacy

Requa said MDUSD trustee Cherise Khaund offered advice “on how to direct our advocacy and to ensure healthy budgets focused on those programs that are tested and are working in local public schools.”

Khaund suggested the following ways residents can help find solutions:

Join or connect with your school site council and principal to learn more about your school safety plan.

Build strong relationships with students and families on your school campus.

Educate about safe gun storage, including sharing the Be SMART information Be SMART information with your PTA or school network.

Ask your City Council to replicate Dublin’s gun storage ordinance and free gun lock giveaway.

Advocate with Moms Demand Action for common sense gun legislation by texting Ready to 644-33 or following them on Facebook.

Gun violence in schools

Khaund also referred to Everytown’s “must-read, research-based” article: “How can we prevent gun violence in schools?”

Everytown notes that school shooters usually have a connection to the school and that there are warning signs before school violence occurs. The article advocates stronger gun laws, creating a safe and affirming school climate, investing in student mental health services and identifying students at risk.

“To me as a mom, this is personal,” Khaund said. “Together, we will continue to do everything we can to make our schools and communities safer for everyone.”