Look for versatility when considering vacation home

Look for versatility when considering vacation home
A year-round getaway should offer access to different activities each season. (Photo by Birgit Loit on Unsplash.com)

Q: My husband and I are interested in buying a second home for the family. Do you have any insight into where to buy or some guidelines?

A: I can’t really tell you where to buy, but I would be happy to give you some guidelines.

What could be better than going to your vacation home to escape reality and spend quality time with people who matter the most? However, some secondary residences may only be used for part of the year, such as a summer beach home or winter ski lodge. If you are looking for a vacation property that can be put to good use throughout the year, here are several tips to help guide your search.

Consider the climate. Some destinations simply cannot be enjoyed throughout the year because of the climate. Whether it is too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, there’s no getting around it when the weather isn’t on your side. The best solution is to choose a location with a favorable year-round climate. Luckily, California has some great options.

Activities for every season. A year-round getaway should offer access to different activities each season. For example, a lake home where you can enjoy the water in the summer, hiking trails in the fall and downhill or cross-country skiing in the winter is going to provide endless fun for the whole family, no matter what time of the year it is.

Versatile aesthetic. While its impact might be more psychological than anything, a home’s interior design can certainly affect how you use it. For instance, a summer home that’s decorated in a cool breezy style might feel too cool in the winter. A year-round home should embrace a look that lends itself to any season.

Sense of community. Many resort destinations can turn into ghost towns for part of the year, which can feel isolating when you go in the off-season. You may want to consider a community with year-round residents, so you know that there will always be plenty of things to do.

Dream closet

Q: I will be closing on my first house soon and am looking forward to having a place for all of my belongings. How can I keep my space uncluttered and organized?

A: Consider designing a “dream closet.” Whether you are the laid-back type who can rock the first outfit you find each morning or a stylist with an eye for fashion who chooses each garment carefully, your closet can be a location for inspiration.

Turning a bland closet space into a truly eye-catching room calls for a little planning and DIY creativity.

Plan it out. Creating the perfect closet space begins with your ideas. Think about the details, such as how you want the space to look and the amount and type of storage you need. Envision everything from colors and finishes to the physical shape.

Remain detail-oriented. It’s not just the structure that can bring your dream closet to life; little touches can add up in a big way. Upgrade your light fixture, for example, and look for other ways to personalize the space for a look that’s all yours, such as shelving to display treasured photos or keepsakes, or a spot on the wall for a vision board to draw inspiration from as you begin each day.

Focus on practicality. Once you’ve dreamed up your ideal closet, compare your ideas with the space you have available and adjust your plans to fit your footprint and budget. This step allows you to maximize your space, using every available inch to create a closet that gives you the function and aesthetic you desire.

Change up the color. Introduce personality into your closet with rich color and style. Add accent color on the walls behind your clothes or incorporate color with the structural elements. On-trend finishes can help make the space pop by complementing the colors of your wardrobe.

Lynne French is a Realtor with Compass Real Estate and captain of the Lynne French Team. Contact her at lynne@lynnefrench.com or 925-672-8787.