Letters to the Editor — Science determines language; Pronouns are important

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Science determines language.

Logically, by science, DNA determines whether a person is male or female. This hasn’t changed for millions of years – nor will it. Medical science determines, that if a person believes they are one sex, but are physically the other (including their DNA), the person is displaying a disorder – correctable or not.

The word “gender” is based on a projected social construct which, anthropologically, bears no significance in the real world of natural genetics.  It is self-evident that Nature displays a species sex by physical reproductive anatomy at birth; verifiable by DNA. To suggest anything else is quite simply false. A person need not go to school, or be ‘taught’ to understand this basic and instinctual knowledge.

“Getting It Right” is determined by evidence, not a malleable social construct.

Michael Gibson, Clayton

Pronouns are important

I wanted to write and thank you for the article by Jonathan Lee on pronouns. I learned a lot and appreciate hearing his perspective on the importance of pronouns. I will certainly do better in acknowledging pronouns at work and in social situations.

Christie McNickle, Clayton

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